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First the stronger partner will go on all 4's. next the other person will sit on the back of the first person facing the opposite way. The person sitting will be able to give oral and delight the other person.

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Tribbing or tribadism, also recognized by the slang expression scissoring, represents a sort of mutual masturbation in which one girlfriend rubs her vulva against her partner's body, generally implying female-to-female genital contact for sexual arousal. One girlfriend sits on her buttocks, plus spreads her legs, with one leg extended outward, and the other leg with the knee raised.

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Spread something soft like a rug, blanket or towel on a table. The female lies on the table with her vagina near the edge. The male takes up the standing position facing her and inserts his erect penis. The female’s legs can be in various positions: hanging over the edge of the table, around her partner’s
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