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Virginity - Is It a Lost Cause?

Virginity is a lost concept in the contemporary Western culture. Young women have become as liberated as the men when it comes to expressing their needs and desires even in the area of sex. For some, they say that this kind of freedom of expression can make an individual more stable with a defined sexual identity.

Polygamy - A Practice of the Times Past

By and large, people look at marriage as a public event and not as a condition to be able participate in the perpetuation of the human race. Thus when we talk about marriage the major things that are put into consideration are the legal, cultural and religious aspects of the procedure.

PMS Days Without Pain Through Alternative Way

Gone are the days when women suffer in silence every time 'that time of the month' is about to come. Today, seldom will women allow anything to come between them and their activities, even PMS. There are too many remedies for PMS being bandied about promising great results.

The Woman's Complex Reproductive System At Work

Before and even up to now, the menstruation marks a new phase in a young girl's life where she is ushered to womanhood. The young woman should understand the workings of her body so that it will not be a cause of anxiety. The menstruation period can begin as early as 8 and as late as16. Majority of women have their first period during puberty from 12-13 years old.

PMS, Women's Age-Old Bane

A lot of women experience a variety of physically and emotionally trying signs every month shortly before menstrual period. Name it, she can feel it - migraine, felling of puffiness, short temper, strong longing for some type of food, even depression. Everybody tries to stay out of her way during these days.

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