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Lyons Stagecoach

Lyons Stagecoach position provides so much more major penetration mobility and tempo of lovemaking, and therefore increases the sexual pleasure. The female sits on the man's cock with her legs towards, or sometimes over, his shoulders while reclining on her hands. Once sexual intercourse has occurred he may lean back in order to press his penis against the G-Spot on the top wall of her vagina

Lyons Stagecoach
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Doggy Style

The Doggy Style is the most arousing sex position for most men, you get a fantastic scene of your women's vuvlva and buttocks while having sexual intercourse.
It is quite easy to simulate a sensible G-Spot through this rear-entry position as the penis reaches and presses the forepart wall of the vagina more easily.

doggy style
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The Press

The bottom lies on his back, his partner on top of him. The bottom places his ankles on his partner's shoulders. The top can rest his chest against the bottom's thighs and his arms on both side of his shoulders, or he can fix the bottom's wrists and have tota control!

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